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Garment and Gear Care

Being a woman on-the-go, with an active lifestyle can be demanding. There are so many daily tasks to juggle that the last thing you want to deal with is hand washing your leggings! You sweat in them, so why do they need special care??  

Check out our suggestions for keeping your activewear looking and feeling its best while keeping you on the move. 

  • Machine wash (most) activewear in cold water and hang dry. It will maintain its longevity and prevent shrinkage & color fading. If you need to machine dry, do so on the lowest setting.
  • Lay off the fabric softener - especially all garments made with Supplex and Lycra.
  • Avoid washing your activewear with towels or other coarse fabric.
  • When in doubt check the label. Our brands that make items that need special care, will give instructions right on the tag.  

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