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A Review of Our Favorite Vuori Pants

Tori Morrison

Posted on November 10 2021

Woman wearing Vuori joggers

For the residents of Encinitas, CA, Vuori is a well-loved activewear company in the community. Vuori is well known for their comfortable, high-quality, and versatile activewear clothing, including their famous joggers. Vuori’s name and their incredible variety of fitness clothing for both men and women have now become a household name – for a good reason. Vuori clothing is just so cozy you cannot help but love it! Today, we review our favorite Vuori pants and what you should know about them before purchasing a pair.

What Makes Vuori Unique?

Vuori makes premium activewear inspired by the California lifestyle. Their fitness clothing can be worn surfing, running, hiking, kayaking, doing yoga, or, well, anything else you do that’s considered active. The brand stands out due to their commitment to sustainability and community. Vuori is committed to using 80% sustainable materials by the year 2022.

Vuori is also offsetting 100% of their carbon footprint with a partnership with Climate Neutral. The company also created a variety of initiatives to connect with their community, leading beach cleanups, supporting organizations whose work helps generate positive change, and utilizing their stores as a hub to bring people together for events and fitness classes.

Vuori Pants for Women

Are you looking to get a pair of Vuoris? Here is a breakdown of our favorite Vuori pants along with the skinny on everything you should know about them:

Vuori Daily Leggings

The Vuori Daily Leggings are so comfortable you can wear them every day. We love that they are cute and flattering with a drawstring, so you can adjust how they fit on your body. These leggings are a favorite among most women and can be bought in a wide variety of colors.

Vuori Stride Leggings

The Vuori Stride Leggings will quickly become your favorite running or jogging leggings. They are often sold out on the Vuori website due to demand. These leggings fit perfectly and even have pockets! Many Lululemon fans have made the switch over to Vuori because of these pants. They are the ultimate legging.  

Vuori Rib Studio Legging

The Vuori Rib Stuido Leggings are more form fitting than the daily leggings and are just as soft. They have enough compression without rubbing against your skin. The ribbed waistband is high and stretchy without needing to be constantly pulled up, which makes these comfortable and functional.

Vuori Performance Jogger

The Vuori Performance Jogger has a much more relaxed fit than other Vuori pants with a slightly cropped leg. These are so comfortable you will never want to take them off – not even to wash them. They will be the last thing that you throw into the washing machine on laundry day. While cozy and lounge-worthy, these joggers can also be worn during your favorite workout as well.

Vuori Weekend Jogger

Made from recycled materials, the Vuori Weekend Jogger fits so well and feels like butter. These joggers are made from a light material, so you do not get too hot working out in them. They are also so versatile and stylish you can wear them out to lunch or a casual dinner.

You will want to buy these joggers in 7 different colors and wear them every day.

Vuori Daily Jogger  

The Vuori Daily Jogger is both flattering and comfortable. These pants are the ideal mix of a legging and a jogger, which means they are the first thing you will want to slip into after a long day at work. These pants are a bit different due to the ankle cuffs, which provide a little stylish addition.

What’s your favorite Vuori pant? Head to our online store to compare our selection of Vuori pants to check out the different styles.


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